HPR products are good for the liver

HPR products of APLGo company

HPR products of APLGo


HPR product is composed of a synergistic blend of beneficial whole foods traditionally valued for assisting the body’s already normal, regular detoxification.

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The HRP blend features an alliance of natural cleansing and detoxification nutrients designed to promote wholebody health throughout your day.

Along with a well-balanced, healthy diet, HPR’s nourishing botanicals can help support the regular detoxification function and body’s natural ability to neutralize and eliminate pollutants and toxins.


HPR offers natural properties to help support the body’s already normal: 
– Detox & cleansing processes.
– Natural defenses against environmental factors.
– Cleansing and elimination response.

100% Natural, Non-synthetic Ingredients.

Proprietary blend

Artichoke (leaf), Dandelion (root), Milk Thistle (seed), Turmeric (root), Peach, Avocado, Raisin

Certifications of HPR

• ISO Certifications 
• Certified Kosher 
• Certified Halal 

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