ICE products are good for the digestive

ICE products of APLGo company

ICE products of APLGo

ICE product contains botanicals recognized for helping support the natural ability to regulate normal digestion regularity, and mobilize its healthy immune defenses.

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ICE product contains fresh botanicals recognized for helping support the body’s natural ability to regulate and balance its inner environment.

The nourishing group of specially selected botanicals in ICE can help aid the body’s capacity to handle occasional and temporary system disruptions and can assist in the normal process of restoring equilibrium with natural ease and soothing comfort.

Responsible preventive health measures include providing the body with daily health-protective nutritional choices and regular exercise, which together with ICE, can help deliver vital nutrients and oxygenation for optimal body ecology.


ICE is a strategic formulation of beneficial wholefoods that can maintain support for:

– Already normal digestive regularity.
– Soothing of occasional stomach discomfort.
– A healthy intestinal flora.
– Already normal gastroesophageal response.
– Normal bowel movements.

100% Natural, Non-synthetic Ingredients.

Proprietary blend

Chamomile (flower), Licorice (root), Meadowsweet (leaf), Aloe Vera (leaf), Sea Buckthorn, Carrot

Certifications of ICE

• ISO Certifications 
• Certified Kosher 
• Certified Halal 

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