What is the APLGo opportunity?

  • APLGo is a company based in Europe (Moldova) and active in the field of network marketing.
  • The company currently has more than 10 warehouses worldwide and can deliver directly to more than 70 locations globally.
  • The company’s products include 15 products with all the health support features from 78 rare herbs.
  • Commission payout Aplgo – year 2020: 63.00% will give you a chance to become rich.

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5 Reasons why we recommend APLGo to you?

1. Unique and different products: No company has a product line in the form of delicious, easy-to-use and non-picky candies. You can give it to children over 2 years old and elderly people over 80 years old easily. Just swishing it under the tongue with its delicious taste without the need to chew, mix or carry around has made it a huge market for all ages. With Acumullit SA technology, which has combined the most quintessence of 78 rare herbs using Negative Ion technology, micro nanotechnology and stem cell technology, it makes a difference.

2. The policy is easy to do and everyone can participate: As you know to support the best team, you need to have a few groups, the few groups here are 2. You know, if you have 10 groups and they’re not connected, you’re going to have to split up a lot of forces and there’s no reciprocal support between them, but if these 10 groups have correlation in power benefits, they will support each other hence the binary diagram is born. You can start with $100 all the way up to $3000 and the great thing is you can upgrade anytime. Active for only $50 with all packages and enjoy income on top of their earnings up to 7 generations.

3. APLGo is a branded company from Europe (Moldova), a continent that is very strict on standards but APLGo has proven its existence over 10 years here. An international brand and has certifications such as: KOSHER of Thai grapes, HALAL of Islam … and even FDA of the US when it has been entering the US for nearly 1 year now.

4. Timing determines your success Great: You are good you can succeed in every company and every field that you are good at, but if you are good and you choose the right time, the possibility of success of you are bigger than ever. You will be at the top of a market in your country as APLGo is not present in any country in Asia yet and that’s a good Time to start.

5. Our team takes action: We are an active team and wish to have team partners like you, who are reading this article of ours. You have experience in the networking industry with your greatness bringing good things to people. Since then our team has you is something to be proud of. Let’s say we’re a group that even though we may have different languages, we can understand each other when you and I sit together.

a box of aplgo products with delicious candy
I am a Vietnamese and I am looking for people who see real opportunities to create their own career. Don’t let language differences keep us from getting together.

The first step is to register an account with your basic information at: https://backoffice.aplgo.com/register/?sp=954039 (registration is free). Use your knowledge and check all the information that I provide on the website and in your account.
The world is still great and great people spreading good news will always be encouraged and grown. Feel free to leave us a message and we’ll talk more about it.

We greet you and look forward to seeing you again.

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