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That could be a hot topic and will get even hotter in the coming time when things are changing every day. 
Did you notice?
The shops, the companies that are on the way you move or the streets you travel are also changing every month and every year, right? Old change new regularly
On the road you often move, you will see these companies or stores spring up again and replace them, the roads you go too, it also needs to be upgraded to suit life.
Right! this LIFE many things are changing. I think you should close your eyes to see even more changes. In your country might be different in my own country and your country different other brothers. But in the end, everything around you is changing.
So, the answer to the title’s question: 
The first What is CHANGE?
Change is a phenomenon where the new replaces the old because the new is more suitable. A very clear note is that the new is better suited, as there are also changes that make it worse.
Question 2 is WHY TO CHANGE?
It’s okay if you don’t want to change, it’s okay, just keep wearing the clothes of the past 2 years, wearing the shoes of the past 3 years and doing the things of the past year is also okay? But I think you’ll like newer suits, newer shoes and newer cars, right? 
So why CHANGE? CHANGE to be more relevant, to be able to live in the changing world.
What is change 5fingers group

Life and games Pac-Man

Sometimes (especially in 2020 it seems like), life can feel a little bit like Pac-Man. Days and days go by, but you’re still chasing the same dots.
– Wake up
– Eat the same breakfast
– Go to the same job
– Eat the same lunch
– With the same people
– Run the same errands
– Watch the same TV shows
– Go to sleep at the same time
On and on it goes. Like the game Pac-Man, some days you get a bunch of cherries, but eventually the ghosts catch up to you, and they’re right on your heels.
So you keep running. And running. And running.
Pac Man game in your live 5fingers group

Do you have to think of your life as Pac-Man?

Unlike Pac-Man, who’s stuck in a simulation and can’t get out, you’re alive. Pac-Man can never turn and truly run straight at the ghosts, because there’s a 100% chance he dies.
But not you. Sometimes when we look fear straight in the face, our gut instinct is to turn and run (or at best, just look away). The truth of the matter is that you can choose to run towards your fear.
Trò chơi Pack Man đang lấy đi giấc mơ của bạn

Break the wall to let “Your Pac-Man” escape

And you know what? Most likely, it’ll be hard and it’ll be scary. It takes courage. It takes a little bit of grit, and a little resiliency. But on the other side? There’s happiness, growth, and a sense of fulfillment.
The change doesn’t have to be immediate. You just have THINKING and an ATTITUDE wants to change first.
Small daily actions like reading, less participating in gathering with familiar friends to chat about a long-standing issue. Setting a goal to do something different is also the beginning of a CHANGE in you.
Break the wall of pac man game

The internet and cryptocurrency

Are you using the phone? Do you have a smartphone? See how it can help you?
  1. Look for the phrase “Blockchain” and read review articles about it.

  2. What is Bitcoin?

  3. “Crypto Billionaire” is also the phrase that you should search and read about it. You will see that there are very different ways to become a billionaire in this decade.

What opportunities and challenges for you

Opportunities: Helps you to escape the surrounding wall in Pac-Man, challenge your  BRAVERY.
Challenge: You have the courage to step through it, enough strength to smash the wall “Pac-Man” in you. Be as strong as to step through this wall.
Cryptocurrency and Opportunity