5 Important Questions About MFS – Meta Force Coin Answered by Mr. Lado

5 Important Questions About MFS - Meta Force Coin Answered by Mr. Lado

June 22, 2023

During a Zoom session on June 22, 2023, Mr. Lado Okhotnikov provided insightful answers to 5 important questions in 11 question regarding MFS – Meta Force Coin. His responses shed light on various aspects of Forcecoin, offering a clearer understanding of its significance and future prospects. Let’s delve into each question and its detailed explanation.

1. When are MFS coins planned to be traded on the open market?

Mr. Lado Okhotnikov explained that the current phase, known as the MultiMining period, holds immense significance for the long-term success and tokenomics of MFS. This crucial period serves as a strong foundation, ensuring a well-developed ecosystem. While its duration is carefully balanced to strike the right equilibrium, the market launch of MFS coins is scheduled for the end of August. This milestone marks the point when MFS will be available for trading on the open market.

2. Is it possible to create a staking program for MFS coins to increase sales and reward users holding coins in their internal balance?

Addressing the question, Mr. Lado Okhotnikov highlighted the existing staking program within the Uniteverse marketing plan. This unique staking mechanism is already in place and proves beneficial for the system. Moreover, the focus extends to decentralized exchanges (DEX), considering the growing trend of people gravitating towards such platforms. These DEXs offer increased trust and security, positioning them as the future of crypto trading. In addition, liquidity pools will be created, providing an opportunity for participants to earn passive income. The team acknowledges the complexity of economically sound income generation methods but rejects any pyramid schemes, emphasizing the long-term, reliable nature of their business model.
How do you feel about the sales of MFS

3. How do you feel about the sales of MFS? Is it progressing slower or faster than anticipated, and how can we increase sales and incentives?

Mr. Lado Okhotnikov shared his perspective, explaining that he had prepared for three potential scenarios: an optimistic one, a pessimistic one, and a realistic middle-ground scenario. The launch of MFS coincided with a bear market, characterized by minimal interest in cryptocurrencies. However, as bear and bull markets cycle, new waves of interest emerge after declines. Despite the challenging circumstances, Forcecoin achieved notable success. To further increase sales, Mr. Okhotnikov emphasized the importance of thoroughly understanding Meta Force and effectively conveying its potential to others. He expressed confidence that as the moment unfolds, Meta Force’s true potential will become more apparent, with additional benefits being offered to early adopters.

4. Why is the value of MFS not increasing significantly despite numerous sales?

Mr. Lado Okhotnikov clarified the context behind the question. If referring to the value on polygonscan, he highlighted that MFS has not yet entered the market. However, considering the algorithm-based price, it has been consistently growing. Throughout the specified period, while other cryptocurrencies experienced price declines, Forcecoin exhibited steady growth. Recent market shifts towards growth have already sparked increased interest in Meta Force. When MFS enters the market, the potential for Forcecoin’s growth will be significantly amplified.

5. What are your plans to ensure future demand and price growth of MFS?

  • Regarding the future of MFS, Mr. Lado Okhotnikov assured that Forcecoin is strategically positioned to maintain balance and ensure sustainable growth. The team aims to attract more people to engage with Royalty NFTs, motivating their interest in Meta Force products and incentivizing their ongoing involvement through Energy rewards. With a limited coin emission and strict allocation for intended purposes, any excess coins will be burned.
  • Forcecoin will be extensively utilized across the entire metaverse, covering products, services, and programs. The team is actively working on increasing the variety of products, expanding the audience, and implementing burning and freezing algorithms to further enhance the scarcity of MFS. By striving to ensure that demand exceeds supply, they aim to avoid artificial manipulations commonly witnessed in the market. Additionally, their listing strategy is designed to reduce reliance on centralized exchanges, enhancing the independence and stability of MFS.

What are your plans to ensure future demand and price growth of MFS

In conclusion

Mr. Lado Okhotnikov’s comprehensive responses shed light on the important aspects of MFS – Meta Force Coin. From the planned market launch to the implementation of staking programs, the team’s focus on DEX and liquidity pools, and their strategies to drive sales and ensure future demand and price growth, it is evident that Meta Force is committed to building a robust and reliable ecosystem for Forcecoin. By leveraging innovative approaches and a long-term vision, they aim to position Forcecoin as a significant player in the crypto market, unlocking its full potential and delivering value to early adopters and participants alike.

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