Mr. Lado Okhotnikov answered 3 important questions about Meta Force’s Royalty NFTs

3 significant questions about Royalty NFTs

Exploring the Exciting World of Meta Force’s Royalty NFTs

Meta Force’s Royalty NFTs have garnered significant attention and raised intriguing questions among users. In this article, we will delve into 3 key questions in 11 question surrounding the Royalty NFTs and shed light on the upgrading process, dividend payments, and the conditions that may disqualify users from receiving payouts.

1. Upgrading Royalty NFTs: Challenges and Solutions

As Meta Force migrates to the third version of its Royalty NFTs, complexities inherent in WEB3 and intricate connections pose challenges. The team, however, is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for users. Once the migration is complete, the ability to make further changes will be locked, fortifying the NFTs’ value in the global market.

2. Dividend Payments for Royalty NFTs

Users eagerly await the first dividends from their Royalty NFTs. The payout is scheduled to commence a week after the migration to the third version, ensuring fairness in the accrual process. With the Fund continually replenishing, recipients can anticipate timely and rewarding dividend payments.

3. Disqualification Conditions for Payouts

To maintain integrity and discourage fraudulent practices, Meta Force disqualifies users engaging in SFC/NFT cheating. Instances of creating multiple accounts solely for self-transfers of DAI and self-rewarding bonuses undermine the community’s growth and devalue NFTs. Stringent measures are being implemented to address such misconduct effectively.


Meta Force’s Royalty NFTs hold immense potential, and the upgrading process, dividend payouts, and adherence to fair conditions are essential aspects of their success. By addressing user inquiries and taking decisive actions, Meta Force remains committed to fostering a thriving ecosystem for its community of creators and enthusiasts.

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